1. Masks- Who knew that 2020 will lead to the year of ‘Do not forget your mask’. I never thought I would have a mask collection until recently. Even though it is for our safety, it has been really inspiring seeing people coming up with different designs for them. It seemed to have helped encourage the public to keep safe. Just remember to pack your masks and not your socks (a lesson I sadly had to learn).

2. Beyonce, Black Is King album- Beyonce is truly inspiring, she always keeps creating, always tells stories through her music and I love them…

How to save your coins as a student

For most university students, there is nothing better than receiving that text message from student finance letting you know that you will receive your money in a couple of days. Will all that money, it is easy to go out of control and start spending it all. Here are a few things that can help you save money:

  1. Only buy what you need

Make a list of your essential expenses and non-essential expenses. Your essential items will include rent, transport, groceries, course materials such as books, stationery, etc. Non-essential items will include night outs, getting your hair done, that LV…

The continent handling COVID.

Recently, Africa has been receiving a lot of attention in the media because of how well they are handling the pandemic.

So far, there has unfortunately been 83.9 million cases worldwide and sadly 1.8million deaths (As of Jan 2, 2021).Out of the 83.9 cases worldwide, 2.7mil cases were reported in Africa; 2.3 million recovered and sadly 66,201 dead (As of Jan 2, 2021).

There’s a pattern with how this information is being publicized; shock. From headlines stating how ‘The pandemic seems to have spared Africa so far’ to ‘Millions were suppose to die’. Headlines like this show the lack of…


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